Tomato Pocket


That title really makes you wonder doesn’t it?

The other day I was returning from mom’s house after shopping  with her when she gave me a tomato and some other things. I got home and started bringing the stuff into the house, but was caught short handed with contents of the truck and the tomato and other vegetables and my cane. So I did the obvious thing to cover the 10 steps or so to the kitchen table – I put the tomato in my pocket and mosied in. Of course the 10 steps were more than enough for me to completely forget the tomato in my pocket.

A bit later, my wife asked me to check her packing of the truck to go visit our son who just bought his first house and needed some moving help (and the first load of his stuff we have here and thought we’d never get rid of!). The first thing I did was to lean against the bed of the truck to pull on a rope. Suddenly a certain part of my anatomy felt wet and cold and a large wet spot appeared on my pants. Still not remembering the tomato, I stuck my hand in my pocket only to discover the guts of the poor ripe tomato. I remembered the tomato then!

After a change of shorts and underwear, I no longer had a tomato lined pocket. Yea me. Score tomato juice 1, me 0.

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