Start of the end

This is nothing more than an initial blog post to see if I have a clue about how this interface works. Pretty much content and thought free (somewhat like my mind most days).

Just to establish some cultural bookmarks here:
USC just lost to Oregon State – let the battle for number one resume.
The lawn mower is giddy-up-gone – so guess how I’m spending the weekend?
Fall approaches – when will the first freeze arrive?

8 thoughts on “Start of the end”

  1. Well, here’s to your initial blog post COMMENT!

    And I’m not into science or politics but if you keep writing, I’ll be back! ; )

    For now, the kids are getting on the bus, and I’m going back to bed!

    Cheers to your inaugural blog! So far, so good!

  2. oh i like it! mainly because you could have just written “test” and left it at that, but you probably couldn’t help yourself! isn’t that a sign of a true writer (or blabbermouth)?

    i’ll be back to read more this weekend. thanks for playing along.

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