I got railroaded tonight and I don’t mean that I watched the trains go by either. 

I was at a CML (Colorado Municipal League) district meeting and dinner in another town.  CML is an important group for mayors and council members in Colorado since they do lobbying and legal services to keep us on the ball and out of trouble and stop stupid legislation that interferes with local control.  They also coordinate information exchanges so that we all don’t have to keep re-inventing the wheel to solve similar problems.
The mayor of the town that is the closest thing to our arch rival was there and all smiles as I came in the door.  During the social period before the meal and business meeting, he said he had something that would really surprise me later.  I was a already a bit surprised since our interaction is usually a hi/bye and an occasional dig at the other.  Low and behold, it turns out he was head of the nominating committee and presented me as the sole candidate and now newly elected President of District 1.  Just so you can understand why that might not be the plum it first appears, some of the cities in our district are close to 200 miles apart.  And guess who gets to go to all those places to attend the local meetings?  You got it – me.

I knew something was up when he was so friendly when I walked in the door, I just couldn’t figure out why.  The only question now is what I can do to get him back.  He is term limited out of office this January and won’t be around next year for me to stick him with an office.  I guess the only thing to do is make the 40 mile drive to his town and make him take me golfing.  Golfing with me should be punishment enough for anyone. {*grin*}  

3 thoughts on “Railroaded!!!”

  1. The answers are:

    1) Yep. Now figure out which one.

    2) I don’t blog about anything confidential so I haven’t gotten in trouble yet.

    3) Good – I’m out of answers.

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