Soup Weather

It has definitely turned fallish (nice non-word, blogger’s spell checker thought I might mean fullish or foolish), cool and misty. What I call soup weather.

Last night when Molly and I were out for our walk, it was misting, the wind was blowing and the temperature was already down in the 40s. It may have actually frozen last night, I haven’t checked yet. In any case, it is the start of ideal weather for simmering a pot of soup. Not only do you get the joy of eating a warm and flavorful meal in the end, but since the house is closed up, you get the wonderful aroma of simmering soup throughout.
Given the weather, there was really was no choice but to start soaking the soup beans last night. Then I got up early this morning in time to chop the onions and veggies, wash the beans, and start the soup simmering. Even as I write, the soup is simmering away and the aroma is permeating the house. Ahhhhhhh.
I have a supper date tonight (Hi Mom!), so this soup is going to be lunch. I can’t wait!

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